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On only 1,865 sq. km of total area, Mauritius is a small island with great choices. A few kilometres (or sometimes metres) separate the places to see and popular tourist attractions.

Excursion Ile Maurice

Whilst beaches are kings in Mauritius, there are also many expeditions and adventures to experience. From primary forests, to forgotten islands, cultural trips and aquatic discoveries; here are the most beautiful tours in Mauritius.


The escalation of the Morne

There are not many places on earth as exciting as the escalation of Le Morne Brabant. Splendid views, discovery of endemic species as the Trochetia Boutonania but also a strand of sadness.

If truth to be told, this site recognised as a cultural landscape at UNESCO is the bookmark of a very sad chapter in the history of the island. You will revisit through this tour the journey of brown slaves who fled to Le Morne peninsula.

Scuba Diving

The great biodiversity of the island is reflected in its waters. The island is encircled by coral reefs offers crystal clear lagoons for the bliss of warm sea lovers.

However, it is to the outside of this barrier reef that is located the most beautiful diving sites of the archipelago. With the exception of the south, all coasts are decorated with excellent spots for underwater diving as the Rempart Serpent, The coral garden or the famous Stella Maru wreck.

L’Aventure du sucre

L’aventure du sucre is a place not to miss in the Mauritius, even for those on diet! This former sugar factory adapted into a museum offers a revision tour on the old techniques used for grinding sugar cane.

The museum is so large that it is called the village and also has a restaurant to taste the dishes, local products and a shop offering a multitude of sugar based products. An excellent choice for souvenir gifts from Mauritius.

SSR botanical garden

Even if this botanical garden is open to everyone, it tends to attract couples and newlyweds. Under the palm trees, in the middle of the endemic species, the SSR botanical garden offers loitering in a romantic orchard.

This landscaped garden has been created by the famous botanist Pierre Poivre and exists since 1770. The park covers an area of 37 hectares and it is here that you will come across the famous water lilies giants of Mauritius.

Swim with the dolphins

With its hot water and its welcoming lagoons, Mauritius is a haven for the dolphins. Each day these charming mammals attend the west and north lagoons of the island. If you have always dreamed to swim with dolphins, enjoy it during your stay on the island.

Several operators offer tours to see and even swim with the dolphins. However, to swim with dolphins, you must take into account of the regulatory distance issued by the Mauritius office of tourism. Learn more here.

Big Game Fishing

Surrounded by the flourishing waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the ultimate destination for sport fishing. Big Game Fishing is an experience for the amateurs of thrills.

Perhaps the fact of fighting the ocean’s fiercest predators as the swordfish, blue marlin or the immensity of the sea.

Ile aux Cerfs

For those who dream of deserted beaches lined with coconut trees facing a lagoon azure, there is Ile aux Cerfs (Deer Island). The island is located within the lagoon is of Mauritius is just about 100 hectares in size, but makes the happiness of thousands of visitors each year.

The tour of Ile aux Cerfs often begins with a visit to the GRSE waterfalls. The trip is 5 to 15 minutes depending on the type of boat, but whatever the duration, Ile aux Cerfs is worth the wait. In addition to sunbathing, the island offers several aquatic activities such as, the snorkeling, surfing or parasailing.

Ile aux Aigrettes

Located opposite the bay of Mahebourg, Ile aux Aigrettes is an open-air museum for nature lovers. Unlike the other islands and islets, Ile aux Aigrettes is a coral island. The island is classified as natural reserve and its ecosystem is almost devoid of any human activity.

Ile aux Aigrettes serves as a refuge for many unique bird species, like the world-famous Pink Pigeon of Mauritius. The island is under the protection of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation who organises the visits.


The wild south

The south of Mauritius is the region that portrays best the wilderness of the island. The dizzying cliffs will make you forget the postcard beaches of Mauritius. Le Souffleur, La Roche qui Pleure and Gris-Gris are the well-known attractions of the south.

Although it is distant from popular beach resorts of the island, the south has the charisma to gratify large space lovers and those who seek the intimacy. Like the Villa Belle Riviere of Belle Ombre, the southern region offers an enchanting setting and exquisite accommodation to its visitors.

Black River Gorges National Park

The park of black river gorges is the largest natural park of the island. On more than 67 sq. km, the national park is the island’s longest excursion. If you love hiking discoveries, there is no better place than the national park.

The Black River National Park is best suited for experienced trekkers and travellers as it is a primary forest and there is very little mark-up for more than 50km of hiking trails.


The small village of Chamarel located in the southern region of the island is home to the famous seven coloured earth and the highest waterfall of Mauritius. Almost all the hotels and tour operators organize tours discover the village of Chamarel.

The site has a large restaurant, a lodge and even a distillery perched at more than 400 meters of altitude. The village of Chamarel is the perfect place to cut off from the rest of the world, for time of a weekend.

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