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Mauritius Activities

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Mauritius top view

 Mauritius is an island found in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius has an estimated population of 1.3 million. At each of its four corners, lie beautiful beaches and lagoons. Being only 2040 km² in land area, its habitants get easy access to the beaches in little to no significant time.  The capital of the island is Port Louis.

 Mauritius is the number one destination for tourists in the Indian Ocean. Over the years, the tourism industry has become the backbone of the Mauritian’s economy. Records say 1,151,723 tourists came in the year 2015.

 So, if you are planning for a vacation in Mauritius soon, keep on reading! We have made a list of the must-try activities in Mauritius, from the utmost adrenaline rushed water sports, thrilling underwater activities to the wildest of inland activities.

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  1. Underwater ActivitiesUnderwater Mauritius

 Mauritius is home to some of the most spectacular coral reefs of the world. The Mauritian government made sure to preserve the natural ecosystem of the marine life that inhabits its waters, like controlling the fishing industry or banning the removal of sands and corals in the lagoons. As a result, a lot of underwater activities are available at most of the beaches of the island due to the beauty and ideal conditions that thelagoons offer.

 1.1 Undersea walk Mauritius Underwater walking

 Breathing under water is now possible! Walk on the seabed and explore the beauties of the ocean. Did you ever dream of entering a shoal of fish and become part of the group without the fish swimming away? Well, during this activity, you will be able to even feed them from your own hand. This is quite an experience. We highly recommend the undersea walk.

  Here, you will be equipped with a transparent helmet that will provide you oxygen under water. You will be able to admire everything clearlyfrom near. If you follow the instructions well, it will be as easy as walking the street, with normal breathing. 

  Precaution: Be careful not to lift your head up or else water will come inside the helmet. And above all things, whatever happens, do not panic.You will be immersed only 3 to 4 meters deep. Moreover, this activity is among the safest ones in our list.

  1.2 Scuba Diving


 During your scuba dive, you will be equipped with a diving cylinder to supply you with oxygen under the sea. Unlike the undersea walk,here, you will sway meters down. It is indeed a sensational experience to explore the beautiful marine biodiversity of the Indian Ocean.

 However, make sure the diving team you have chosen is professional, qualified and experienced. We recommend the diving centre of Villa Caroline, a hotel in Flic en Flac, Mauritius. It is officially attached with the Mauritian Scuba Diving Association (MSDA) and the World Underwater Federation (CMAS).

  1.3 Sub Marine


 The Sub-Marine is a water-borne vehicle able to do independent operation under the sea.

 Explore the gorgeous marine life and the sub aquatic world of Mauritius at around 35 meters deep undersea! You will get to view occasional and extraordinary fishes, shipwrecks and colourful coral reefs up close. If you are coming to Mauritius, don’t miss this. It is definitely a one in a lifetime experience!

  1.4 Sub Scooter

Sub Scooter


Drive your own underwater submarine scooter alone or as a couple to 3-4 meters depth without risk. The Sub scooter is like a bike equipped with a helmet tied to a scuba, allowing the user to breathe and admire the sub aquatic world through the transparent glass of the helmet. The latter is attached to a rope from a boat so as to return the individuals to the boat after the activity.

 You usually need to be above 16 years old to be able to ride the Sub Scooter and above 8 years old to be carried as a passenger.

 2. Water Sports


 Water Sports group all the activities that are done on the surface of the sea rather than under. Unlike the underwater activities which are meant to explore and be amazed, the water sports are more adrenaline rushed, faster and exciting.

  2.1 Snorkelling

It is a must to know the basics of swimming in order to do this activity. A boat will take you from the beach up to the coral reefs, at around 10-15 meters deep. You will be equipped with only a mask, a snorkel and dive fins. The best moment toenjoy the wonders of the underwater world together with your family & friends. Have fun trying to beat each other at who can dive deeper. It is to be noted that you should not disturb any marine animals or touch any corals as they are very fragile.

 2.2 Water ski

water-ski in mauritius

 For all the adrenaline lovers, you can’t miss out this activity! Put on a pair of ski, wear a lifesaving jacket, hang on a rope tied to a boat and get ready for the experience. The boat will speed up, carrying you around the coast of the island. You can deal with the boat operator to decide on the speed of the trip. Personally, I like the speed to the max for the utmost pleasure. But it depends on the individual. Don’t take too much risk if you are new to water skiing.

 2.3 Parasailing

parasailing south west of mauritius

 This is not much of an adrenaline activity but it is worth the try. In this entertaining module, you will be towed by a motor boat while being equipped with an opened parachute. You will be raised in the air giving you an opportunity to admire the coast of Mauritius at bird’s eye and take exclusive pictures. Don’t forget to bring our camera to capture these beautiful moments.

  2.4 Sea Kayaking


 Sea Kayaking is a great opportunity to do some exercise while having fun. You may relax by slowing down your paddling while contemplating the coast of the island, the magnificent and untouched greens on the side of the island.Uncover the secret of Mauritius’ gorgeous lagoons, rivers, islands, hidden beaches, andchannels…

 On the other hand, you may compete with your friends or family to see who can paddle faster.You can also try some fishing and see if you catch some fish!

 3. Inland Activities

This refers to all the activities that do not involve water. These are activities that are carried out inside the island rather than on the coast.

  ChateauLabourdonais invites you to discovery of the lifestyle of the nineteenth century in Mauritius. Finely restored, this beautiful colonial house, built in 1859, regained its original splendor and promises a most surprising foray into the History of the island.

  3.1 Sky Diving

skydiving mauritius

 Dropped from an airplane more than 10 000 feet above the ground, it could turn out to be the most memorable day of your life. This extreme adrenaline rush activity gives you a formidable top view of Mauritius while you are free falling at around 200 km per hour.

Don’t worry, you will be connected to a highly qualified and experience instructor. You will also get a minimum of instructions. So you don’t have to worry about when to open your parachute. All you need to do is contemplate and enjoy your jump!

 The light hearted persons should not try this one! If you have always dreamt to fly, this is the perfect occasion and at the same time try one of the best activities in Mauritius. If you have the means and you have a strong heart, you should definitely do this. You will always remember this as one of the best things you did in your life. For a small price, you can have a video recording of your sky dive on a pen drive or DVD.

 No age limitations are usually required. However, Consents are normally required for individuals under the age of 18.

  3.2 Canyoning


 Canyoning is going down fast riverbeds. According to the situation, it may demand for one to usevarious techniques from different technical backgrounds including: mountain climbing and rock climbing, caving,and swimming and so on.

 Abseil of 5 to 20 meters that will be adequate to both beginners and hard core adventurers. Explore the exquisite waterfalls in the island. The adrenaline lovers may test their courage by jumping into ponds of fresh water.

 Sports lovers will get to work out intensely their muscles while having a great time.

  3.3 Quad bike


 A Quad bike is a four wheeled vehicle designed to handle rocky and mountainous terrains. If you are thinking that it’s same like riding a car or a bike on the street, you are completely wrong.

 Quad biking is an entirely different experience. While riding through the rocky terrains of the island, you would think that the vehicle will turn upside down, but it won’t. Drive faster across the rivers and enjoy the feel of the cool water splashing on your legs and face. Don’t hesitate to try this activity. We recommend it!

  3.4 Zip- Lines


 Zip lines is a great activity to try in Mauritius. They include a cable stretched between two different locations, going up to 1.5 kilometres in length. You get the opportunity to slide through and have a wonderful experience by contemplating the picturesque view around and below you or just enjoy the speed at which you are going, feeling the wind on your face and forgetting all of your troubles.




Walk in the dense lush forest and enjoy the wild flora and fauna of Mauritius. Feel free to jump in the rivers and have a swim if you come across one. Have a blast under the waterfalls and let the nature gives you a massage, washing away your pains.

 You have reached the end of article.

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