Masoala national park

Masoala national parkFound in the stunning island of Madagascar, the masoala national park is now a major tourist attraction. The rainforest covers over 2,300 square kilometres and owns a 100 square kilometres marine parks. The Masoala Park is considered as the largest protected area in this huge island. Built in 1997, the park aim is to preserve unique species and the ecosystem.

Masoala national park is home to several species including chameleon, frogs, butterflies and geckos. You may spot unique endemic species, unspoiled shore and golden beaches. The park has 3 marine reserves protecting 10,000 ha of coral reefs, mangroves, marine plants and 3,001 species of fish. During the breeding seasons, humpback whales come at the Antongil Bay and consider it as a place of shelter.

Masoala national park forestVisitors have great opportunities of hiking and trekking. People mostly choose the trails at nosy mangabe. Alohatrozana is known as one of the most stunning virgin rain forest found in the western of peninsula. Lohatrozana trail is a paradise for visitors who love exploring trees and birds.

Tanjona, the marine reserves is home to a splendid mangrove forest. The other 3 marines, namely the Tampolo, the Ambodirafa and marofototra is considered as the perfect place to swim as its beaches are clean and have stunning corals. The trail between Alhoatrozana and Antalavia is stunningly beautiful. It is naturally decorated with golden sand beaches, lush forest and coves.

If you are in Antaraha you may easily access the park at ambodirafa and cap-est by bicycle or taxi.  The andranaonala trails are not tough and you will have the opportunity to spot water birds and crocodile. If you take the southern trails, it will lead you to a small fishing village. The park has two entries namely the maroantsetra and the Antalaha. If you are staying in maroantsetra, you may arrange for a boat to get there.

Different packages of five or 7days tour by lodges. You have the right to camp in the masoala national park. There are several sites camping including in tanjona and marofototra. The masoala Natinal Park is a must visited place and the entry fee is affordable.