ifaty madagascarIfaty is a small village found in the island of Madagascar. The island of Madagascar is 450 kilometres off the southern coast of Africa. Situated in the eastern coasts of the huge splendid island, Ifaty is now known as a fishing village. The Ifaty and the Mangily was two small and different town which have now merge together and named only Ifaty.

The village of Ifaty is surrounded by hotels and stunning beaches. The local people live a simple and traditional lifestyle. Passing through the village at sunrise, you will notice people warming up themselves over cooking fires, and see them hiding under trees later, to save them from sunburn.

The Ifaty is home to private reserve forest named Reniala forest private reserve. The Reniala covers around 60 hectares of land of spiny forest. It only takes 1 or 3 hours to visit the forest. There are helpful guides, who will show you and explain to you about some of the species including the 1200 year old baobab tree.

The best time to visit the Reniala forest private reserve is early in the morning when the temperature is not high. There are different prices for different circuits. They are all affordable and worthy. The private reserve also offers a bird watching trip where you will have the opportunity to see panoramic views and spot different types of bird.

Another major tourist attraction in the Ifaty village is the Tortoise reserve. It is located next to the Reniala reserve. The reserves owns a wide range of tortoise species such as the spider tortoises. Its aim is to preserve the populations of the tortoises from extinction.

It breeds and then send the species back to the nature. The Tortoise reserve also aims to educate people about the ecosystem. There is a lot to explore and learn in the reserve. You will have the opportunity to watch different size and breeds of tortoises and eggs.

Ifaty is blessed by stunning beaches of the Ranobe bay at the Mozzambic channel. Ranobe bay means big water in Malgasy. The white sandy beaches, its clear lagoon and clear crystal water is the best place for relaxation. The water is warm and adequate for a bath; the sun shines almost every day listing the beach among the best beaches of the island.

The beaches is surrounded by excellent restaurants where you may have dinner or lunch. There are numerous hotels and lodges, where you may have a go for sea water activities, have dines and visits the Reniala forest and the Tortoises reserve.

The Diving school offer its visitors a guided scuba diving along a variety of coral reefs sites. You have the facility to make payment on the spot. There is a lot to explore and experience under the sea water. You will spot colourful fishes and other species which will brighten your day. If you are a beginner, the qualified and experienced guides will help you to have the best under sea water experience of your life.

In some sites, visitors might also spots sharks. Not brave enough for a shark adventure? Don’t worry! You may choose to dive on the safe sites only. Whales can only be seen during august. The roads to go to the beaches of Ifaty are quite rough, it is recommended to go by 4×4 vehicles.