Horse Riding

Are you an animal lover? Have you ever wanted to experience an extra-ordinary horse riding? Well, don’t miss the chance of realising your dream if you are in Mauritius. This little piece of heaven offers some horse riding tour. The journey is promised with luxurious services. The island of Mauritius is known as the oldest race track among the southern hemisphere and is appreciated by most inhabitants. Here are some places where you may experience horse riding in Mauritius.


The Club Equitation du Nord

 club equitation du nord

The club equitation du Nord is ideally situated at Schoenfield Branch Rd, in the northern part of the island. Since it was establish in 1999, the CEN club is considered as the first riding club in Mauritius. The CEN club is found after the turn of a bend. You will notice a wall welcoming you to a nice sandy road which will then leads you to a fabulous old building and lush green vegetation. You are warmly welcomed with a peaceful enchanting area where the horses fill up the spaces.

Stay under the shade of a giant tree and let your eyes follow the riding activities. Let you mind wander in the greenish colour, you may find it as the most relaxing place on earth. CEN welcomes both Mauritians and Non-Mauritians to come and develop their riding horse skill. Known as excellence in reputation, the CEN consist of 35 large stalls, 2 riding ring with beautiful white sand, 3 paddocks, 2 tennis courts, a club house, a lugging ring and kid corners. For more information you may contact on + (230) 264 97 41 or visit their website .

Centre Equestre de Riambel


The CER is near the Riambel beach. It is ideally located in the village of Riambel, which is in the southern part of Mauritius. Enjoy a 60 min horse ride at the Riambel beach. The Centre Equestre de Riambel offers many facilities for its customers. Normally one person pays RS 1,500.

The CER organisation only allows over 5 years old to perform the horse riding activity. You actually get 15 minutes of free horse riding lesson before you start your session. After the 15 min you may then enjoy a 1 Hr horse riding. The activity is available from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 Am to 4 Pm.

You are asked to come at the meeting point which is Riambel itself to start your journey. If you have any voucher you should use it before the 31st August, 2017. Make sure you book your place 48 hours in advance by phone or by any other means of booking. If the customer does not show his/her presence for reservation, 100 % cancelation fee will be applied.

You are kindly recommended to bring your ID card if you are a Mauritian or a resident permit for tourist. During your drive you are secured as there will be a monitor during the ride. All riding equipment is provided by the CER. You are expected to wear long pants, close toed shoes and yes don’t forget to wear a sun screen to protect you from sun burn.

The CER consist of 9 horses and 3 ponies, adult get to ride horses whereas children ride on poneys. The organisation accommodates both experienced and non-experienced riders. They share their passion of riding horses in a pleasant where you will get to explore the beautiful greenish sugarcane area. Their aim is to offer the maximum security to its customers and an unforgettable unique experience.

Imagine riding a horse on a beach, watching the colours of nature mixing together making a romantic atmosphere, the cool breeze caressing your tan skin meanwhile the waves swashing the beautiful white sanded beach! Sound like a dream, isn’t it? Hurry up and book your place.

Haras du Monde


A Superb haras is found at the feet of the le Monde Mountain. Spacious stalls and useful equipment are offers by the Haras du Monde. A club horse consists of at least 15 friendly and beautiful horses and some ponies for kids are available. The Domaine stayed private for 15 years. The first time they open their door for the public was in 2008. Nowadays the Haras du Monde offers multiple activities such as hiking and rides.

Take all your time to explore the beauty of Le Morne, it is a mesmerising areas hiding tones of mysterious history. The club horse gives you the opportunity to relax while enjoying the gorgeous horses walking or running on the track.

When you visit the Haras du Monde you will be able to contemplate the marvellous Le Monde Brabant. It hides thousands of histories and known as a liberty place. Exclaves used to run off the mountain to end their miserable life. The place is also home to colourful endemic birds.

Enjoy the unique riding horse on beach with beautiful trained horses. The organisation accommodates both beginners and well experienced customers for this magnify ride. The club horse is ideally situated between the grey mountain and the lovely white sanded beach. Each horse has their own history.

The staff members at the Haras du Morne warmly welcome all its customers with a friendly face. The monitors are helpful and are willing to respond to any of your questions. Ride in the wild life and make the most of your journey. Your horse will guide you through the filao trees to contemplate the fresh air, watch the kite surfers and enjoy the beauty of the clear crystal water and the white sandy beach.

The song of the birds is the nicest melody you could listen to. Enjoy the call of nature in the middle of the forest bringing an enchanting atmosphere. Let your mind wanders for a while and forget about your stressful life. The ride will lead you to the hearth of Le Morne. The nature brings a romantic touch and a relaxing mood. It is the best time to discover about the history of the island of Mauritius. As you ride with your horse, the guide will help you to learn about the history. You may ask any question during your ride.

The mountain overlooks the ocean giving you the opportunity to watch the breath-taking views. Standing that high, you will notice the Benitier islands and Fourneau islands from far away. Make sure you click some memorise of this precious journey.

The Haras du Morne is open six times in a week, Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 7 PM. For advance information you are recommended to call Kevin on + (230) 705 16 44 or visit their Website; . You may also call on + (230) 450 41 42 or + (230) 450 41 53. Email address: