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Golf in Reunion Island

For the golf amateurs who have decided to spend their holidays in a hotel or rented a studio or a duplex in Réunion Island, there may seem to be less variety in their choice of golf courses than the sister island, Mauritius. However, Réunion Island does have some quality golf courses, even if they might be less well-known than those of Mauritius. Let’s go on a tour of the golf courses of Réunion Island.  

Golf in Reunion Island

The Golf Club de Bourbon

The Golf Club de Bourbon is the oldest golf course of Réunion Island. It was founded in 1969. It is located at l’Etang-Salé in the South-East of the island. It is an 18-hole golf course spread over an area of 68 hectares in the middle of the forest of l’Etang-Salé. In addition to golf, they also have three tennis courts and a swimming pool, as well as a restaurant and a sports shop. The golf course was designed by Michel Gayon.

The Golf Club du Colorado

The Golf Club du Colorado is located in the region of La Montagne, near Saint-Denis. It may be the highest golf course of all the Indian Ocean, being located at a height of 600m above sea level. It is a 9-hole golf course that offers a scenic view of the surrounding area, from the Sainte-Marie airport to Saint-Paul.

The Golf du Bassin Bleu

The Golf du Bassin Bleu is an 18-hole Golf Course which is located in the West of reunion Island, at Villèle, in the commune of Saint-Paul. The first 9 holes are played facing the sea and the remaining 9 holes are played in a eucalyptus forest. The Golf Club also has a restaurant with a seating capacity of 100 people and weddings and company events can be organized at the club house.

In the end, Reunion Island is not a golf destination, but it is still an activity if you are missing your swings!

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