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Diving In Mauritius

Mauritius is home to numerous, amazing, diving sites. It is a world within a world holding wonderful secrets underneath the water lapping the shores and coral reefs. The diverse range of diving sites, each unique in its own way, will drift you back into your sweetest dream. Coral reefs abounding in life, endless drops decorated with sumptuous gorgonian fans, sceneries with an imposing architecture made of arches, tunnels and mysterious caves, rusted shipwrecks that conceal unsuspected “treasures “are just waiting beneath to dazzle you.

Diving in Mauritius

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Where to go Diving?

Amazing diving spots can be found all around the island. Hotels and operators around the island offers diving courses and diving equipments so that amateurs too can take advantage of the beautiful feeling diving can evoke. Some lagoons house marine parks such as Blue Bay and Balaclava. The island can be divided in three big zones:

  1. South-West (from the Morne to Flic en Flac)
  2. North-West (from Tombeau Bay till the islands of the North) \
  3. East (from Belle Mare to Mahebourg).

Southern region of the island is not suitable for diving due to a rough and dangerous sea.


Lion-fish Mauritius


Famous for the presence of dolphins, the south west coast is a must-dive place. Near Flic-en-Flac, two remarkable sites awaits to be explored: the “Cathedral”, which offers a spectacular décor due to its cavities, caves and arches; “Rempart Serpent” shelters a rich fauna composed of an astounding grouping of different species of stonefishes, scorpionfishes, lionfishes and moray eels. Such an agglomeration of these species is unique in the whole world! The presence of numerous shipwrecks, intentionally immersed in this region so as to create artificial reefs, has enriched diving possibilities.


Diving in Mauritius

North- West

The North of the island shelters diversified and interesting sites: “Peter Holt's Rock“, where you will be able to contemplate the giant moray eels and titan triggerfishes; “Roches Baleines“  a magnificent spot with a lively marine life where you can even spot turtles sometimes.; “Stenopus Reef “ that is rich in giant gorgonias and corals among which is found the green tree coral, more than 2 metres high. In this region, shipwrecks are plentiful and you are surely going to be impressed.


On the Eastern coast, the splendid lagoon lapping the coasts is scattered with many channels opening up to the sea. Belle Mare channel being one of the most stunning diving sites of the island is home to an impressive blend of species: sharks, rays, barracudas, jacks.


Sea turtle Mauritius


Moving further south towards Mahébourg, you will witness fabulous topography. The remarkable geological structure allows the divers to swim in a majestic décor. The sites of “Roche Zozo“  and “Colorado“ are the two stars of this particular spot. You will also have the chance of discovering the remnants of the historical wreckage - the Sirius. A genuine relic which sunk in 1810 during the naval battle of Grand Port. The discovery of cannons, cannonballs and the remains of the two-centuries-old hull will certainly evoke strong feelings!

Outer Islands

The islands of the North are attractive for diving. They are quite distant but remain easily accessible since one little hour is enough to reach them. Various sites at Gunner's Coin are worth the visit and Round Island is found among the most spectacular diving sites where watching the big ones is possible (sharks, shoals of barracudas, marlins). The most famed and visited sites of the Northern islands is the “Shark Pit”, behind Flat Island.


Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue-Bay Marine Park

It is found in the South –East of the island and the park was proclaimed Marine Protected Area in 2000. Fishing vessels and excavation operations became prohibited while leisure activities such as swimming, diving, snorkelling, and glass bottom boating are allowed. With clear and with a depth of only 5 to 6 m, the Marine Park is an ideal spot for snorkelling and scuba diving.

The zone is definitely a feast to the eyes with about 40 coral species and roughly 70 new fish species that have been discovered in the marine park. You will be able to contemplate various corals, marine invertebrates, macro algae, and fishes including damsel fish, surgeon-fish butterfly fish, sail fin tangs, and trumpet fish. This park is a real underwater Eden.


Swim with dolphins Mauritius

Must See

For those passionate of diving and those who simply love beautiful and lively marine life, those are must see places that no one should miss. They are scattered around the island and can be visited during your diving excursions. 

Silverstar wreck - an old fishing boat which sank in 1990.Bull sharks in the south of the island (Be cautious, the currents are strong so this is an advanced dive.)The Cathedral - a vast cave, penetrated by shafts of dancing light which can be reached through a small opening, 35 metres down a steep coral encrusted wall.The wreck of the Sirius, a 19th century British frigate, teeming with marine life thanks to the strict enforcement of the marine conservation policy, which has drastically improved the marine environment surrounded the island.Rempart Serpent - this site has a large concentration of several species of morays, Lionfish, stone fishes. An excellent place to observe dolphins is near Tamarin Bay in the southwest, where a large group of dolphins can be found.


Diving Sites And Depths

The huge range of Dive sites in Mauritius offers an unforgettable experience for everyone - observing colorful tropical fish, searching for rare fish species, exploring spectacular caves and much more.

1 - Aquarium Grand Baie 8m - 15m                                                              2 - Silver Star 20m - 35m                                                   3 - Roche Baleine 8m - 35m

4 - Turtle Point 13m - 27m                                                                            5 - Black Forest 30m - 40m                                                 6 - Aquarium La Pointe 6m - 12m

7 - Lost Ancor 30m - 40m                                                                              8 - Holt’s Rocks 10m - 20m                                                 9 - Caravelle 18m - 30m

10 - Cratère                                                                                                 11 - Stella Maru 15m - 28m                                               12 - Stella Reef 18m - 25m

13 - Chili’s Drop 8m - 12m                                                                           14 - Coral Garden 10m - 20m                                              15 - Water Lilly & Emily 24m - 27m

16 - Djabeda 22m - 35m                                                                               17 - King Fish Kingdon 13m - 27m

Sea Lovers, Mauritian waters will surely conquer you.  

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