Big game fishing in Mauritius


big game fishing mauritius

Try the exciting big game fishing

More than 1.2 million tourists choose to go to Mauritius each year during their vacations. Some among them only come to give themselves the biggest thrills of their lifetimes through big game fishing, off the coasts of the island.

Being a tropical island, the warm waters that surround Mauritius are home to a great amount of fish like tuna, sharks, sailfish and spearfish, dolphinfishes, barracudas, giant trevallies, or even marlins. Those who might want to try it can contact several big game fishing boat operators   based in Flic-en-Flac, Morne, Black River, Grand Bay and Vieux Grand Port.

The most prized catch of all big game fishing enthusiasts is the blue marlin. This fish can reach a length of 4 meters for a weight of 820 kilograms for the females. Male marlins are much smaller and rarely exceed the weight of 160 kilograms.

Next comes its cousin, the black marlin, a very fast fish that can reach the speed of 80 kilometers per hour.  The biggest black marlins that have ever been caught had a maximum length of 4.65 meters and weighed 750 kilograms.

The swordfish is also a very fast fish that can be caught by anglers during a big game fishing trip off the coasts of Mauritius. This fish can reach a maximum length of 4.55 meters for a weight of 650 kilograms. Its top speed can reach 90 kilometers per hour. The females are also bigger than the males. These fishes can fight a lot before allowing themselves to be captured and they can dive very fast and impale their bills at the bottom of the ocean to evade capture.

The sailfish is another billfish that is very prized among sports anglers. Its great dorsal fin allows it to be differentiated from the swordfish and the two species are distinct. The sailfish is the fastest fish in the ocean and can reach a maximum speed of 109 kilometers per hour. It can measure up to 3 meters in length and weigh more than 40 kilograms. However, some of them can weigh up to 100 kilograms.

Three varieties of tuna can be captured during big game fishing trips off the coasts of Mauritius: yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna and the bigeye. The bonito, also called the skipjack tuna can also be caught by fishermen.


The dolphinfish:

The dolphinfish is a beautifully colored fish that is rather plentiful in the Indian Ocean. It can reach up to 2 meters in length and weigh 40 kilograms. Its speed can reach 92 kilometers per hour. It’s a fish that can always be found in pairs. The male has a large bump on its head and is larger than the female.


Barracudas can be caught all year around the coasts of Mauritius. They can be found both inside the lagoon and in the open sea. The biggest barracudas can measure up to 2.3 meters and weigh up to 65 kilograms. They can reach speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour. They are fierce and solitary fish with very sharp teeth.

The giant trevally:

The giant trevally is a large predatory fish that can measure up to 1.7 meters and weigh up to 80 kilograms. It’s a fish that feeds mostly at night and which lives near coral reefs and rocks.


Four species of sharks can be commonly caught around the island of Mauritius: they are the mako sharks, hammerhead sharks, blue sharks and tiger sharks.

Mako sharks can reach a length of 4 meters. They are very tough to reel in and their speed in the water can exceed 50 kilometers per hour.

Hammerhead sharks have a head that takes the shape of a hammer. It is believed that the shape of their heads gives them better eyesight and sense of smell. They can measure up to 6 meters in length and weigh up to 580 kilograms.

Blue sharks can reach a length of 3.8 meters and weigh 204 kilograms whereas tiger sharks can measure over 5 meters in length and weigh over 1400 kilograms.

Mauritius being an island, some of its inhabitants are fishermen and thus you will easily be able to purchase these fishes in the markets around the island without having to ever board a fishing boat. You can also buy marlin, tuna or other fish fillets in some supermarkets. Of course if you’re staying in a Mauritian hotel you might not be able to freely choose what kind of fish you’d like to eat or even be able to cook what you may purchase elsewhere, but if you rent a villa or a resort in Mauritius  or some other type of accommodation in Mauritius you’ll have all the freedom to cook whatever fish you can purchase or catch yourself.

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