10 Must-See Places in Mauritius

Mauritius At the thought of Mauritius, the only pictures that conjure up are those of its sandy beaches, palm trees and azure lagoons. Pictures are never enough to describe the beautiful and incomparable landscapes of this picturesque tiny piece of paradise.   Continue reading

The secrets to stunning travel photos in Seychelles

Seychelles Photos

Professional photographers, honeymooners and travelers, these tips are for anyone who wants a perfect travelers’ album depicting the splendor of Seychelles. We will reveal to you the secrets in finding the perfect landscape while capturing moments in time. Continue reading

History of the Seychelles

The Pioneers

Arab sailors who navigated the Indian Ocean in the 9th century already knew about the Seychelles archipelago. A document dating from 851 already mentioned the Maldives and “some islands further away”. Continue reading

Fifty years of SCUBA diving in Mauritius

SCUBA Diving in Mauritius

The Mauritius Underwater  Group (MUG), the first official SCUBA diving club of Mauritius came into existence in the month of May 1964 and was affiliated to the “British Sub-Aqua Club” (BSAC). At the time, only a handful of enthusiasts explored the lagoons of Mauritius Continue reading

The Districts of the Island of Mauritius

Districts of Mauritius

Mauritius forms part of the Mascarene Archipelago which also includes Réunion and Rodrigues. This archipelago is the result of underwater volcanoes. Continue reading

The Climate of Mauritius and general precautions for the cyclone season

Climate in Mauritius and precautions during cyclone season

Mauritius enjoys a sub-tropical climate where temperatures vary between 25°C and 35°C with regular winds blowing from the South-East. Temperatures are highest during the humid season from November to April, which corresponds to summer in the Southern Hemisphere, Continue reading

The 2014 Chinese New Year Parade in Port Louis

Chinese New Year 2014 banner

On the 30th of January, the Municipality of Port-Louis organised a parade on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. In true Mauritian fashion, the event which was advertised to start at 16h30 really started at 17h00 with a short speech from a random municipality official. Even though some officials from Réunion Island had made the effort to attend, the newly elected Lord Mayor was nowhere to be seen. Continue reading