Renting a self-catering apartment in the Seychelles during the holidays

The Seychelles are the ultimate dream destination. Going there is like being on a permanent honeymoon with Mother Nature. Definitely worth the expense if you’re in search of tranquility and beautiful settings. Continue reading

The Festivals and Public holidays of Mauritius

Houses are brightly decorated during Diwali celebrations in Mauritius

Under its clear blue skies, the island of Mauritius harbors a multi-ethnic population, united by a common history that begun more than 415 years ago when the Dutch settled in the island. Continue reading

More essential facts about Mauritius

Airport of Mauritius

History of Mauritius

The first people to visit the island of Mauritius regularly were Arab navigators in the 5th century. They gave the island the name of Dina Airobi. The Portugese rediscovered the island in 1505 and named it Ilha do Cirne ( Swan island). They only used it at a shelter or as a way point for supplies. Continue reading

About Mauritius – some essential facts

what to do in mauritius - information about mauritius

A friendly population that always makes  you feel welcome, white sandy tropical beaches where you could rest all day long, a rich cultural and religious heritage and little pockets of nature that are like nice surprises Continue reading

Pourquoi l’île de la Réunion est une destination idéale pour les vacances

quoi faire à l'île de la Réunion - prendre le temps de découvrir l'île

L’île de la Réunion possède de très nombreux atouts qui font d’elle non seulement une destination de vacances très prisée, mais aussi une des destinations d’expatriation favorite des français. Continue reading

A la découverte des sites touristiques de la commune de Saint-Philippe à l’île de la Réunion

Quoi faire à l'île de la Réunion - explorer les lieux touristiques de la commune de Saint-Philippe







La Commune de Saint-Philippe se  situe au sud-est de l’île de la Réunion entre les communes Continue reading

A la découverte des monuments et sites touristiques de la commune de Salazie

Quoi faire à l'île de la Réunion - découvrir les monuments et lieux touristiques de la commune de Salazie







La commune de Salazie se trouve au centre de l’île de la Réunion dans le cirque du même nom entre les communes de Bras-Panon, Continue reading

The crowded places of Mauritius that you must absolutely visit during your holidays

Port-Louis Mauritius

During holidays in Mauritius, most tourists would like to enjoy peaceful moments in beautiful places like the beach and stay away from the crowds and cities. But what about Continue reading

The most unusual activities to do while on holidays in Mauritius

As you should have noticed reading this blog by now, the island of Mauritius is really famous across the world for being a fantastic holiday destination where everything is finely-tuned so that your holidays are the most pleasant and relaxing as possible Continue reading

Interesting places to visit on the West coast of Mauritius

Where to go in Mauritius - visit the west of Mauritius

Tourists spending their holidays in the island of Mauritius might be curious about the rest of the island and about the good places to visit during their stay. In this article we go on a tour of some of the great places to see in the west of Mauritius. Continue reading

Interesting places and activities in the North of Mauritius

During your holidays in a hotel in Mauritius, you may eventually get bored staying at the hotel and in fact you’d be missing a lot if you did not get out and see how Continue reading